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July 7, 2011 / earnesteats

Earnest Eats Accolade from Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert

Hi friends – we are very happy to share with you an accolade we received today from Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert – you can checkout the mention at right or in detail on his video feed starting at minute 2:34. 

See link here –>

We greatly appreciate his insight and perspective on our Granola Planks!  Please note that the nutrition info he references is for a whole Granola Plank, which can be eaten as two servings at 190 calories each or in full, depending upon whether your crumbling over yogurt or eating on the go (and of course your hunger level – I find them perfect on a hike just as they are).

To answer his question about microwaving, we recommend removing the wrapper first.  My personal preference is to toast them and top them with almond butter for a superfood vegan breakfast – especially good on a cool morning and if you want company – I guarantee everyone within smelling the toasty oaty aroma will run over and ask what you’re making!

As background on Phil Lempert – he is a leading food industry analyst, journalist and trend-watcher. His website offers readers the latest food & health news, new food product ratings and other shopping resources.


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